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The BushCat is an aircraft designed around four principles: simplicity, ruggedness, low cost and fun to fly!
Sport Aircraft Brokers Ltd. is proud to partner with Rainbow SkyReach PTY, an aircraft manufacturer based near Johannesburg South Africa. SkyReach has been producing the BushCat for over 14 years with over 200 now flying, and many kits under construction.








The BushCat is equipped with the Rotax 912 ULS. Upgrade options available.


The BushCat can be fitted with many options and accessories to customize your aircraft in your own unique way. Contact us for a full list of options!

Leather Trim

A dark and durable cloth is used as standard to upholster the seats and armrests of the BushCat, however you might prefer the look and feel of genuine leather on your aircraft

BRS Chute

The BushCat may be fitted with an optional ballistic parachute

Tire Choices

800-6 4 ply Carlisle Turf Glide tundra tire
850-6 6 ply Air Trac Super Tundra tire
600 x 6” 6 ply Dunlop all round tire (ideal for use on mostly asphalt runways)

Propeller Choices

P-Prop for Rotax 852, Jabiru 2200, Rotax 912S
Warp Drive for Rotax 912ULS
Kiev Prop for Rotax 912ULS

Instructor Stick

This option is for flight school operators. Easily removed. Gives the instructor full control from the right hand seat

Twin Luggage Area

The upper luggage area is accessible from the cockpit during flight, while the lower luggage area is accessible though the large fuselage side openings

Sun Sheild

A retractable sun shield can be fitted to the cockpit interior roof of the BushCat


Basic wing tip LED lights are considered a minimum, however the aircraft can be fitted with wing tip strobes, ident lights or a combination of both

Lumbar Support Cushion

Lumbar support cushion on your aircraft for added comfort


When all is said and done, the BushCat is a fun aircraft, which is why we are proud of our bright and unique colour schemes. The Trilaminate material covering is available in 5 colours: black, white, yellow, blue and orange. We have various layout templates on offer that incorporate these fabric colours.

The composite parts of the aircraft can be painted in any colour imaginable – making the exterior look of your BushCat totally customisable. The aircraft can be made to look bright and playful should that be your aim, or perhaps your choice would be a more conservative and less conspicuous one – the choice is all yours!


The BushCat is just as unique on the inside too. We have a diverse selection of standard instrument panels for our customers to choose from, or if they can’t find what they like, they can design their own panel. All of our panels have universal connectors meaning that they can be easily removed from the aircraft if the owner wishes to make changes to the array of instruments.


Each BushCat variant is available as a factory built AULA, or as Amateur Built. Home built kits require between 200 and 300 hours of assembly, requiring only standard tools and average DIY skills.


The BushCat is the third and latest generation of the aircraft previously known as the Cheetah. It is an aircraft designed around four principles: simplicity, ruggedness, low cost and fun!

The original Cheetah LSA was a robust and reliable workhorse. It quickly gained popularity among the South African bush flying community, and earned its reputation as a fun-flying workhorse. Aerodynamic and ergonomic improvements were later made to the aircraft, as well as modifications from worldwide customer feedback, which resulted in the second generation Cheetah XLS.

It soon became clear that the role of the aircraft was to serve bush pilots in areas that other light sport aircraft just couldn’t handle. As a result, the focus moved toward making the aeroplane tougher than any other in its class, and able to withstand the might of the veld and tundra – as a result the BushCat was born.

Since then, the BushCat has continued to serve its duties as a bush aeroplane and is being successfully used in anti-wildlife-poaching missions in various regions of Africa. More BushCats are on order by conservation entities for this very purpose as it meets the very specific requirements of these missions.
The aircraft is extremely comfortable with the widest cabin in its class and offers generous headroom making the aircraft perfect for all sizes of pilots. Due to its simplistic modular design, the aircraft is extremely easy to work on thus reducing the cost of maintenance and repair to a minimum. Available in nose-wheel and tail-dragger, and amphibious configurations, the aircraft caters to a variety of roles.

The BushCat is the perfect aircraft for training in all of these configurations, and conveniently meets the long term needs of pilots who will fly it into more demanding locations. When the mission revolves around the journey, the BushCat excels at low and slow, or high cruise. With its 7-hour endurance and effective cabin heat, you can safely fly long distances.


Ready to fly aircraft equipped with Rotax 912 ULS 100HP Engine, Kiev 3 bladed prop,
Trig Radio, and much more, start at around $86,000 CDN dollars plus tax and fees.

Complete kits are available featuring the best assembly manuals available today and can be built in under 300 hours.
Contact Sport Aircraft Brokers for current pricing, options, and a comprehensive quote.

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